•Sometimes you know the next step

•Sometimes you have to stop and evaluate things

•Sometimes you are in the “Zone”

•Sometimes you need help

You’ll encounter a few “Setbacks” (thinning, cowlicks)

There will be some things you’ll need to get rid of (split ends)

Then the “Cut” will evolve (growth happens)

It will continue to change and grow like “Trends” (we see something we want that may or may not be right for us)

Soon after, you’ll get another chance to do it all over again

Finally, if you’re “Bald” it teaches you acceptance (in some cases there is nothing you can do about it)!

Are you living a "Side Part Under” type of life (safe & conservative) OR Are you living a "Mohawk” existence (on the edge/taking risks)

Just like the “Cut”… The choice is yours!

-The Cut Junkie


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